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Britannia Flight Simulator is based in Barnsley, South Yorkshire.

We operate a realistic state of the art Boeing 737 flight simulator with or without tuition at a price point that allows realistic extended learning, fun and experiences without breaking the bank.  Some similar fixed based simulators are charging more than double our prices.  We offer complimentary Tea, Coffee and Chilled Juice.  Due to the nature of flight simulator bookings, we operate under variable hours to accommodate your needs wherever possible. Please visit the bookings page or contact us via email if you require any special requirements or days/times to suit your needs before booking.

All under 18`s must be accompanied by a responsible adult.

Flying Times - Sunday  12 noon - 7 pm      Monday to Friday 9 am - 9pm




Boeing 737-800NG Fixed Base Simulator

At Britannia flight simulator experience we show people of all ages how to become a pilot through flight instruction and tuition.  Our Boeing 737 experience is also suitable and available to children, families and groups who wish to have fun and have a once in a lifetime experience.   With over 20000 airports to choose from, you can decide to fly in and out of almost anywhere in the world!
The enhanced software means you can see cars and trucks on the roads, going to from the airport you are landing at.  It gets so exciting at times, particularly flying into Leeds Bradford Airport with gale force winds or flying over Canary Wharf and Big Ben in London.

We also provide the simulator for hire for trainee, professional and retired pilots wishing to brush up their skills. With the full glass cockpit, 4k surround resolution viewing, flight management system and automatic flight director system , overhead systems and audio pedestal systems you can practice all areas of preparation training and real life flying. As the simulator has control loading / flight feel, you will be able to practice any scenario and feel the condition of the aircraft at all times.  You may fancy doing a `SULLY` bird strike emergency landing or a recovery from a stall.  The simulator has been constructed by ourselves to the highest standard, with the state of the art powerful computers and graphics cards and has been meticulously tested to ensure constant accurate flight feel and reliability.  At Britannia Flight Simulator   we are used to a varied pilot experience, and our tutor have exposure to this on a daily basis and will adapt to your needs.  Pre flight briefings and debriefs are standard for the less experience pilot if they wish to have them, inexperienced or experienced pilots may just want to be left alone with the simulator to do as they wish with different scenarios and emergencies at the click of a button.  The simulator itself might not move, but for the aviation enthusiast among us, this realistic flight simulator has a real throttle quandrant with speedbrake, reverse thrust levers and flaps, fully functioning PFDs & NFDs (that’s Primary & Navigational Flight Displays), hydraulics, electrics, APU (that’s the Auxiliary Power Unit), bleed air, oxygen and pressurisation systems. Oh and then there’s the fully working FMC (Flight Management Computer) and MCP (that’s the autopilot). 

Regular bookings made by regular customers, trainee, professional and retired pilots with receive bulk booking discounts, please email/ask for details.  Indeed, stepping up to the flight deck and into the left hand captain’s seat, if you ever thought pilot’s had a easy life with their feet up whilst the autopilot did all the hard work, think again. As the precious cargo of passengers are boarding, the captain and first officer are busy doing route briefings, entering the data into the Flight Management Computer and executing a pre-flight checklist.
On the longer experiences (2hours and above) you will follow those airline Standard Operating Procedures (yes, you guessed it - SOPs!). That means you get to do all those critical checks and controls before you ‘take off’ and again when you have completed your landing checks and given the cabin crew the ‘doors to arrival and crosscheck’ command. You get a complete insight into what a typical ‘day at the office for a Boeing driver’ involves.


Britannia Flight Simulator Footage

Check out this clip and other clips here on Youtube



Q: Can I operate the simulator on my own?

 A: Yes! The 737 normally has two pilots but like me once I am trained on the controls I like to be left alone and enjoy the experience on myself or with a companion. This option is cheaper than having a tutor with you. 

Q: How much time should I book?

 A: Nothing can be achieved in less than one hour. Which is why this is the min booking period. We would discuss what you are trying to achieve from the session prior to booking and can advise. If it is an introductory flight, then a 1hr session would be enough. If it is a training flight anything from 1hr to several. It is possible with longer booking to build in breaks without penalty of losing time in the simulator.

Q: How many people are allowed per booking?

 A: Normally two but more by prior arrangement (if required). The 737 simulator capacity is, two pilots, one pilot seat (YOURS) and one operator/instructor seat or companion if you do not require any guidance/tuiton or support.  Seats are provided outside the simulator. 

Q: Does the simulator have a visual / outside view?

 A: Yes. The 737 flight simulator has a collimated display, with x3 4k 50” Monitors surrounding the simulator giving forward and side views.  It offers exceptional 4k realism. 

Q: What if I have no flying experience?

  A: Not a problem. We offer introductory flights with tuition for customers with an interest in aviation. 

Q: How do I cancel a booking?

  A: This is only possible 48hrs in advance. We’ve laid out our terms and conditions on the bookings page so please read these before making a booking.   

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